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Cell culture analysis for mesothelioma: Cell culture is the process by which human-derived cells are grown in the lab under controlled conditions outside of their natural environment. Asbestos-related cancer cells are routinely cultured at ADRI and serve as a valuable resource for downstream laboratory applications aimed to elucidate the cellular mechanisms that mediate asbestos-related disease development and progression.


Western blot analysis of protein biomarker in mesothelioma: The western blot is a standard molecular biology technique used to visualize and quantify biospecimen-derived protein expression. The ADRI utilizes the western blot technique to study aberrant protein expression to identify dysregulated cellular pathways that mediate the growth of asbestos-related diseases and tumor response to drug treatments.


PCR (Polymerase chain reaction) analysis of genetic biomarker in mesothelioma: The PCR technique is typically applied to molecular biology research to make many copies of a specific DNA segment. The ADRI utilizes quantitative PCR to detect gene expression, copy number variation, mutation and other gene-specific alterations in asbestos-related cancers to facilitate an understanding of genetic alterations that augment tumour development and progression.

Asbestos Industrial and Domestic Discovery


Setting up a lab for asbestos analysis as shown by ENVIROSCIENCE

The Asbestos Discovery Lab

Anatomical Pathology Processing of Mesothelioma

Clinical Guidance on Diagnosing Mesothelioma and ARDS

Mesothelioma Nurses – Support Video - A Day in the Life of our Mesothelioma Support Nurses

ADRI's Biobank - how we collect samples and why

Asbestos Exposure and Molecular Mechanism Animation