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ADRI Designated as a WHO Collaborating Centre for Elimination of Asbestos Related Diseases

In January, 2021 ADRI was designated by the World Health Organisation as a Collaborating Centre for Elimination of Asbestos Related Diseases. ADRI will hold the role for four years and this recognition confirms the Institute as a global leader in asbestos related diseases and asbestos mitigation.

"The World Health Assembly Resolution has called for global campaigns to eliminate asbestos-related diseases and take action on the preventable cancers associated with this exposure. This requires building capacities in countries to improve knowledge and practices.

The WHO has worked with ADRI and Professor Takahashi for many years on this important topic and we are pleased to see this working relationship is now formalised. Since its opening ADRI has pioneered bio-medical, clinical, public health and community initiatives and programs domestically and internationally to eliminate asbestos related diseases", Assistant Director General of the WHO, Dr Naoka Yamamoto says.

ADRI WHO Collaborating Centre

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