Prof Nico van Zandwijk wins inaugural Dr J Stumphius Recognition Award

The Dr. J. Stumphius Recognition Award, sponsored by Shield Group International, was awarded to Prof. Nico van Zandwijk (ADRI) for his groundbreaking discovery in treating the asbestos cancer called mesothelioma, providing hope and saving lives of untold many people. The award, showing a glass plate on a bronze base, signifying a heavy burden shared by many, was presented by Dr. Yvonne Waterman and Hans van der Wart Msc, MBA, Bsc.

The award is named after the company doctor at Dutch shipyard De Schelde, who discovered and proved the relationship between the use of asbestos at the shipyard and the prevalent disease of mesothelioma among the workers there. He published a Ph.D. thesis of this discovery in 1969, which ever since has been held as the year that all Dutch employers are considered to know of the dangers of asbestos exposure. Dr. Stumphius initiated asbestos awareness in the Netherlands, the origin of the EAF.

You can see Prof van Zandwijk receiving his award here: