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Associate Professor Glen Reid, senior scientist

Associate Professor Glen Reid was appointed ADRI’s Senior Research Scientist in April 2009, and he established the Institute’s cell and molecular biology labs. He is also conjoint Associate Professor at The University of Sydney Medical School and Adjunct Professor at UTS. His research focuses on the identification of new markers…

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Sue Mouthann

Suzanne Mouthaan, volunteer

Sue joined ADRI in May, 2013 as a volunteer. Previously, Sue was an executive in primary schools and the Itinerant Vision Support service with the NSW Department of Education. She has a Bachelor of Educational Administration and graduate and post graduate studies in Hearing and Vision and Multicultural education. Sue…

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Yuen Yee Cheng

Dr Yuen Yee Cheng, molecular biologist

Yuen Yee Cheng joined ADRI as a Research Fellow in March 2010. She completed her PhD at the Chinese University of Hong Kong where she starts her research in epigenetic alterations in gastric cancer. She then undertook two years of Postdoctoral training at the University of Hong Kong. Epigenetic gene…

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Jason Fowler

Jason Fowler, research fellow

Jason joined ADRI in February 2013, as a Research Fellow undertaking his PhD in the School of Psychology, University of Sydney. Jason completed his undergraduate and initial postgraduate education at the University of Tasmania from 1995 through to 2003. Since then he has been working as a Clinical Psychologist in…

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Matthew Soeberg

Dr Matthew Soeberg, epidemiologist

Matthew Soeberg is a postdoctoral research fellow working on Part I of the ADRI’s Cancer Institute NSW Translational Program Grant. He is employed through University of Sydney’s Cancer Epidemiology and Services Research (CESR) group and is based at the Cancer Institute of New South Wales. He will help to develop…

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