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Kim Mattock

Kim Mattock, receptionist

Kim Mattock joined the ADRI in April 2010 as the Receptionist/Administrative Assistant of the Asbestos Diseases Research Institute. Kim previously worked in varied administration roles and fields, both corporate and government. Joining ADRI is a return to the Concord Hospital campus for Kim; in a ‘previous life’ she worked for various…

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Professor Ken Takahashi, Director

Professor Ken Takahashi is the Director of the Asbestos Diseases Research Institute (ADRI), University of Sydney.  After graduating from the School of Medicine, Keio University (Japan) and accomplishing clinical residency, he moved to the University of Occupational and Environmental Health, Japan. There he studied and worked for 31 years including…

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Justin Crosbie

Justin Crosbie, IT officer

Justin Crosbie joined ADRI in 2009 as the Information Systems Manager. He has completed a Science degree in Information Technology at the University of Technology, Sydney. Justin has previous experience working an information technology consultancy firms and also works for the ANZAC Research Institute on the Concord Campus.

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Anne Warby

Anne Warby, research officer

Anne Warby joined the ADRI in 2013 as a research officer working with Dr Steven Kao. She is responsible for the coordination of two research studies, one investigating chemotherapy utilisation for patients with malignant mesothelioma, and the other a quality of life study in patients with malignant pleural mesothelioma. Anne…

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Kan Chen

Kan Chen, biobank officer

Kan joined ADRI as a Biobank Officer in 2013 on a part-time basis to assist with the management, maintenance and development of the tissue bank. He has completed his undergraduate degree of Medical Science at the University of Sydney and worked in a blood bank for a private company. Recently…

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Jenny Weismantel

Jenny Weismantel, volunteer

Jenny Weismantel joined the ADRI in 2011 as a Volunteer through the Concord Hospital Volunteers. Jenny has a Bachelor of Business in accounting and has assisted the Administration Team in many tasks including the development of the grants calendar and cataloguing of samples from the Australian Mesothelioma Surveillance Program. Jenny…

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Anthony Linton

Dr Anthony Linton, clinical research fellow

Dr Anthony Linton is a medical oncologist at Concord Repatriation General Hospital and the Northern Cancer Institute St Leonards, specialising primarily in thoracic malignancies including malignant pleural mesothelioma and lung cancer. Dr Linton undertakes rural outreach clinics at Dubbo Base Hospital and is a senior clinical lecturer at the University…

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Rebecca Hyland, database co-ordinator

Rebecca Hyland joined the ADRI in 2012 on a part-time basis to assist with the development of the Biobank database. Rebecca has a Masters of International Public Health and has experience in the management and maintenance of clinical databases. Rebecca previously had been the Clinical Database Coordinator of the Ovarian…

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Associate Professor Glen Reid, senior scientist

Associate Professor Glen Reid was appointed ADRI’s Senior Research Scientist in April 2009, and he established the Institute’s cell and molecular biology labs. He is also conjoint Associate Professor at The University of Sydney Medical School and Adjunct Professor at UTS. His research focuses on the identification of new markers…

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Sue Mouthann

Suzanne Mouthaan, volunteer

Sue joined ADRI in May, 2013 as a volunteer. Previously, Sue was an executive in primary schools and the Itinerant Vision Support service with the NSW Department of Education. She has a Bachelor of Educational Administration and graduate and post graduate studies in Hearing and Vision and Multicultural education. Sue…

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