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ADRI’s Mesothelioma Support Coordinators

Ms Jocelyn McLean and Ms Joanne Roseman are ADRI’s Mesothelioma Support Coordinators, addressing the needs of patients with malignant mesothelioma and supporting their families.

At ADRI Jocelyn and Joanne utilise their knowledge and experience of patient care and supporting carers; drawing from personal experience, current survivorship research and carer need research to provide telephone, face-to-face and group meeting support. Jocelyn and Joanne work with established professional agencies, health professionals and local communities across NSW to provide current evidence-based clinical information and support.

Ms Jocelyn McLean Mesothelioma Support Coordinator

Ms Jocelyn McLean RN

Support Coordinator
Jocelyn has many years’ experience caring for patients following surgery for lung cancer and mesothelioma at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. Jocelyn developed a ‘well living support programme’ for survivors and carers, and co-authored, with Professor Brian McCaughan, a book entitled: Diagnosis & Treatment: The Journey of a Patient with Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma’. She also contributed to the development of evidence based Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma published by ADRI in 2013 and the Understanding Mesothelioma. A guide for people with cancer, their families and friends published by Cancer Council Australia in 2017.

Ms Joanne Roseman RN

Support Coordinator
Joanne is a registered nurse with extensive experience caring for people of all ages and walks of life.  She has worked in a chemotherapy unit and in critical care, as well as having a strong background in community health caring for people with chronic and complex diseases, and those requiring supportive care. Joanne has supported family members with chronic and life-limiting illnesses and so understands the impact this can have on patients, carers and loved ones. She is an ardent supporter of The Groundswell Project and Compassionate Communities, and is currently undertaking post graduate studies in palliative care. 

Support Group Meetings

Mesothelioma Support Group

Venue: Revesby Workers Club (RWC)
Brett Street, Revesby

Day: Always a Tuesday

Time:  11:00 am to 1:00pm

Transport: A train service almost to the Club, ample free parking,

Why RWC: It is accessible to those folk in western, southern and eastern Sydney.

Next Meeting: To be announced.
Currently this group meets every second month for patients and carers.

EPP Well Living Group

Venue: Drummoyne Sailing Club
2 St Georges Cres, Drummoyne NSW 2047

Day: Always a Thursday

Time:  10:00 am to 2:00pm

Transport: Ample free parking

Next Meetings: For 2018 are:
Thursday August 16th
Thursday November 22nd.
Currently this group meets three times a year.

Bereavement Group

Venue: Asbestos Diseases Research Institute,
Gate 3 Hospital Road, Concord NSW 2139

Day: tba

Time:  10:00 am to 12 midday

Transport: Hospital car park or public transport

Next Meetings: To be announced.
Currently this group meets on a needs basis.

Please contact Jocelyn or Joanne (02 97679854 or ) if you would like to attend and we will connect you to our notification list.


Meso March

Date: Sunday 5th May 2019

Striding toward a cure for asbestos related disease

Register today for ADRI’s 3rd Annual Meso March in May to show your support for people living with mesothelioma and their families

(click on the logo above to register)

Q&A Part 2

Date: Monday 6th May 2019

A panel discussion about Part 2 of a mesothelioma journey: when treatment stops working, how to minimize symptoms, maximise support and have difficult conversations around early end of life.

To register for the Q&A Part 2 please rsvp to: Jocelyn or Joanne – email or telephone 02 97679854 by Thursday 2nd May 2019

Q&A Part 1

Date: Monday 7th May 2018

The Q&A Part 1 was an opportunity for patients, families and health professionals to meet with a panel of 12 mesothelioma experts to discuss the latest treatments, symptom management and living with dignity.

The 2-hour session can be viewed by clicking here.

Can We Help You?

  • Have you just been diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma?
  • Do you need more information?
  • Are you a carer for someone with malignant mesothelioma?
  • Are you living with malignant mesothelioma?
  • Have you been exposed to asbestos?
  • Do you need to talk?

Need To Talk?

Contact Jocelyn or Joanne:

Monday – Friday 9am-5pm

T: + 61 (0) 2 9767 9854
F: + 61 (0) 2 9767 9860
Toll Free: 1300 237 400 (within Australia)